Dr. Sonia Paquette, OTD, OTR/L, CPE, D-ABVE

Ergonomics, Occupational and Vocational Rehabilitation

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Litigation Support Services

Goal:  provide the attorney with the information needed to document damages and clearly identify areas of limitations in work or life performance.

Personal Injury / Product and Auto Liability/ Medical Malpractice cases /Social Security / Long Term Disability /Workers’ Compensation cases

** Vocational potential evaluation (with/without loss of earnings capacity)

Strong clinical skills and sound judgment are necessary to establish the residual functional capacities of a plaintiff after an injury and those capacities affect post injury earning capacity and labor market access.***

** Functional Capacity Evaluation Report Review

When a functional capacity evaluation report is available but just does not seem to make sense or presents with information you have difficulty interpreting, I can help review and comment on it.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluations assess a person’s current functional performance, capacities and limitations. Evaluation findings assist the attorney in establishing damages related to a case and, if needed, safe return to work parameters for their clients.

Job Match Evaluation

Establishing the physical and organizational demands of work is necessary to compare it to the functional capacities of an individual. It is then possible to determine the congruence between both and establish the worker’s capacities to perform the functions of the job.

Functional Job Demands Evaluation

Knowing what a job requires in terms of physical, cognitive demands as well as educational requirements can be the only missing piece of information in the complex puzzle of a litigation case. A description, analysis and a video DVD of the job performed by a worker is included in the report.

Injury causation analysis

Has the job really caused or aggravated the injury? Using sound epidemiological, biomechanical and physiological evidence, a reasoned opinion is offered. A description, analysis and a video DVD of the job performed by a worker are included in the report.

**   Most requested services
*** This service is also available for injuries involving children and young adults.